Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Morning Update

Now that Maddy is out of sedation, she is a lot more restless when awake. They did give her a bit of morphine last night to control the pain, but she every time they came to check her breathing and other vitals, she would wake and fuss a bit. So I didn't really get to sleep through the night. And my back is way out of wack (more than at home) this morning! Ugh. Oh, well, at least I have a "bed" and not just a chair!

The doctors just rounded and they've decided to start her feeds today. So one more step closer home. I imagine it will be a few more days, though, since no one has said anything about her going to the third floor (out of intensive care). We'll see, but in the mean time I'm going to enjoy my stack of books. One down, three to go before I'm out of reading material, but the one I'm on now is very thick. And Half-Price books is just down the road, so I'm really set! :)

It sounds like they are going to take the arterial line out of Maddy's arm today, and that will make her more mobile and allow me to hold her. She's in restaints now, to keep her arm still. When I say restraints, the mental image is much more horrible than it actually is. They have the little ribbon just lighty attached to her, but not enough that Maddy notices it.

Well, I'll update if there's anymore news, but hopefully we'll have another drama-free day. Stay tuned for more picture catch-up!

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