Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Olivia Grace!

Miss Olivia turned 5 this week! I can't wrap my mind around that. Bittersweet, indeed. She's growing into a lovely little lady, with her innocence and charming personality always leaving us with smiles and chuckles.

Since it was her big birthday #5, we let her pick what she wanted to do. She picked Chuck E. Cheese (We should have known). We invited a couple of her friends to join us. That day we were blessed with a healthy dose of beautifully fluffy snow, and the restaurant was practically empty, thus reducing the noise level to that created by our own children!

What a beautiful smile from Elizabeth!
The rodent himself

Opening a handmade card from Lizzie.
Olivia has been attempting to reproduce it all week.

Olivia, Elizabeth, and Kalli
Carli was sure that Olivia would need help riding her new bike.
Olivia donned her new tutu.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Madeline and Daniel

Daniel Ray and Madeline Kate are exactly two weeks apart. It was such fun this Christmas seeing them interact with each other. Aunt Kayla envisions Daniel pushing Madeline around in her wheelchair in the years to come. Hoping they'll always be close!