Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

Hello, one and all,

Just a quick update while Carli's eating her breakfast before heading off to preschool. I had my first OB appointment yesterday (finally!). Everything is fine, except Dr. Tuchsherer gave me a due date two days later--August 4. Heard the baby's heartbeat, after about five minutes of trying! Dr. T said my heartbeat was so loud that it made it hard to find the baby's. Well, back in a month, and then he'll schedule my ultrasound for around 18-20 weeks, since Glen wants NO surprises. I have a sneakin' suspicion it's a girl. Wouldn't that be a blast? Three little girls!

Ok, that was a seriously disjointed post, so I'll end for now. Gotta comb Carli's hair.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Olivia's b-day "party" and maternity woes

Well, here are the long-awaited birthday party pictures for Olivia Grace. We didn't have a party with her little friends since I think it's not worth the bother when she's too little to care! :) Glen's parents are often here for Sunday dinner, and that's when we celebrate family birthdays, usually. The outfit that Olivia has on is from Granny (Satterfield). I don't normally dress her so casually for Sunday, but it was so cute, I couldn't resist. Granny and Granddad also sent money for a riding toy, and I found a really cute inchworm, which she absolutely loves. I don't have a picture yet, since we didn't put it together til after church that night.
This is the darling little chair was from her Grandma and Grandpa Asbury. Grandma added the girly touches~Didn't she do a good job?!
Obviously, this was a big hit with Olivia.

Yummy cupcakes
Try to blow the candles out....

...and then make a big mess!

On to my maternity woes....They aren't serious for sure, but I'm at that really weird stage where nothing fits. I wish I would have saved my "fat" clothes from before I lost 30 lbs! My skirts are getting uncomfortable, but I don't think I'm technically "showing" yet. I got out all the maternity clothes I had saved. I hadn't hung on to much...pretty much just my good stuff from Motherhood. Most of those are huge, and even with a 6-9 month belly, I think they'd either fall off of me or look ridiculous. I've ordered two skirts from Motherhood (on sale!)--one jean skirt and one black dress skirt, but I'll need to add tops. Fortunately, I can wear regular ones for a while, since I spent my January maternity clothes budget!
Olivia is starting to talk in small sentences, usually involving "I want..." She's just such a little sweetie...so happy most of the time, and growing up so fast.
I've had fun doing something different with my girls this week. I know most mothers have their kids helping in the kitchen from a very young age, but I've kindof put it off since it's so much easier and faster to do everything myself. Carli's been setting the table for a while now, but recently she's been wanting to help me cook. I've really enjoyed having her company, and Livy has joined a few times too. It's such a bonding moment with them.
It seems like there was more to go in this post, but I'm not sure what it was. Hope you all have a worshipful and blessed Sunday. I'm already looking forward to my nap! :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Does toothpaste kill bacteria?

Oh, my do I have a story for you. I know, I know, you are waiting for Livy's b-day pics and party details, and I promise, that post is coming soon! But I've just got to tell you what happened today, even though I should be working on my last two chapters and problems, due tomorrow.

Anyway. I was busily working on school work in my room, when Carli and Livy wandered in. I saw that Livy was sucking on a washcloth, but it totally did not register in my harried brain. Carli made me pay attention, though, a few minutes later. She said, "Mommy, Livy put that washcloth in the potty when I was going potty!" Makes me sick just to think about it. I was so grossed out. Normally, I use kids toothpaste on the kids, but I got our "adult" toothpaste out and scrubbed her mouth. I'm not sure if it did any good, but it made me feel a little bit better anyway! You'd think I had a boy for all the mischief that my little one can get into!

Carli just asked me when our baby is coming, and I said, "Not for a while." Carli said, "Oh, good! I like whiles! I just love whiles! Whiles are the best!"

Ok, back to the grindstone!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Olivia Grace

Our dear little Olivia Grace is two years old today! I know, I know, it's so cliched, but WHERE DOES TIME GO? It doesn't seem like two years at all. She's still such a little thing compared to Carli at that age, and two just seems so big girl. She's still my baby.
Olivia has gotten to be so cuddly over the last few weeks. I noticed it a week or so before Christmas, and over Christmas, she really snuggled up with Esther (my sister-in-law and Granny (my mom). Ever since we've come home, she hasn't wanted to go right to bed on her own, but she (finally) enjoys being rocked. Today, I haven't gotten a whole lot done, because she's pretty clingy, but so happy to be on my lap. I LOVE it!
The other day when I was trying to rouse Carli to get up for school, Oliva tried to help me out. "Car-ee, up. Car-ee, UP!!" I think it was the same day when I said, "I'm going to go get Sissy at school, and she turned around and pointed to Carli's picture and said, "Sissy! Car-ee!" I don't remember what the incident was, but also this week, she said "I sorry. I so sorry!" in a really sweet voice, with admittedly fake contrition. This may not seem like much to other mothers of just-turned-two-year-olds, but for Olivia it's great progress. We think she's about six months behind in vocab what Carli was at this age. But the last couple weeks, she's really taken off. Maybe because she was around Brianna who talks up a storm and will repeat anything you tell her to say!
Well, in other big news.....Glen's taking me to Washington, D.C., for my birthday (actually the weekend before in February). He's always wanted to go to go to CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference). He didn't realize that I'd love to go along. He has to teach Thursday night, so we'll miss Thurday and Friday, but there's a pass for just Saturday that we'll take advantage of. So that means that we can sightsee on Friday. On Sunday, I think we're going to try to go to St. John's Episcopal Church (nothing like a good dose of high church, eh, Louisa?!). I'm so excited. It seem like a long time since Glen and I have been able to get away alone for more than supper or a night away for a long time. Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Big Sister in control

Thought you'd enjoy this conversation from last night....

Carli was trying to get Olivia to say "I love you."

Carli: Livia, say "I."
Oivia: No.
C: LIVY, say "I."
O: No.
C: Livy, I said say "I."
O: I.

Evidently she knows when she's not going to win the argument! :)

Another comment from Carli a mere moment ago. I just picked up Carli from preschool, and she's been practically bouncing off the walls ever since we walked in the door.

Glen: Carli are you excited to be home?
Carli: No.
Glen: Well, where do you want to be?
Carli: We're here, but we don't have to be excited about it!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Trying blogging again!

My cousin Melanie thought I should try Blogspot (I think she said Bebo was to teenager-ish), so here I am.

The big news in our family is that we are adding baby #3 to our family in August. We are very excited even though it was a surprise. Evidently Glen wasn't as adament about "no more kids" as I thought he was, because he's as excited as I am, I think! So far no major sickness....just "smell" issues and some sugar problems, both of which have passed.

What a fun Christmas/New Years:
--Our Christmas Musical at the beginning of December
--Snow/ice storms!
--Carli's preschool program
--Wayne, Esther, Makayla, Glen's parents and sisters coming for Sunday dinner (23rd)...then Es and I sat and cropped (she worked on cards and I worked on my scrapbook) all afternoon.
--It's a Wonderful Life!
--We celebrated our Christmas with the girls on the 24th....the girls were so sweet and we had a lot of fun!
--Christmas Eve candlelight family communion at church
--Spending Christmas Eve with Glen's parents, Wayne and family in Elwood.
--Christmas in Elwood.
--Sharing our news with Mom and Dad and Jordan and Kayla on Wednesday (26th)....I think they were shocked--more on that in another post!
--"Christmas morning" (27th) with my family...and playing games and talking and talking and eating and eating that day and the next.
--Brunch (oh, my, that was yummy), seeing The Nutcracker at the Benedum, and eating at 7th Street Grill with Uncle Paul, Aunt Ardella, Fredi and Dianna
--Spending more time with family on Sunday and Monday morning.
--New Year's Eve with Jed and Alyssa, including spiced cider, lots of yummies, Scattagories and laughs!
--New Year's Day--sleeping in, PF Chang's with Jed and Alyssa, apple dumplings at Glen's parents (YUM!).

Now we're finally back into the swing of things, and I'm trying to get Macroeconomics off to a good start (ugh).

Before I close, let me ask for prayers for my Grandmother Satterfield. She feel a couple nights ago, broke her hip and hit her head very hard on a metal filing cabinet. She's in the hospital, and they can't operate on her hip until the bleeding on the brain stops. Obviously this is a real worry to my parents and Dad's family. Lowell came in from NJ and is staying with my parents. Also remember Jordan and Kayla as they make the long trip (23 hours) back to SD!

Love you all,