Saturday, January 19, 2008

Olivia's b-day "party" and maternity woes

Well, here are the long-awaited birthday party pictures for Olivia Grace. We didn't have a party with her little friends since I think it's not worth the bother when she's too little to care! :) Glen's parents are often here for Sunday dinner, and that's when we celebrate family birthdays, usually. The outfit that Olivia has on is from Granny (Satterfield). I don't normally dress her so casually for Sunday, but it was so cute, I couldn't resist. Granny and Granddad also sent money for a riding toy, and I found a really cute inchworm, which she absolutely loves. I don't have a picture yet, since we didn't put it together til after church that night.
This is the darling little chair was from her Grandma and Grandpa Asbury. Grandma added the girly touches~Didn't she do a good job?!
Obviously, this was a big hit with Olivia.

Yummy cupcakes
Try to blow the candles out....

...and then make a big mess!

On to my maternity woes....They aren't serious for sure, but I'm at that really weird stage where nothing fits. I wish I would have saved my "fat" clothes from before I lost 30 lbs! My skirts are getting uncomfortable, but I don't think I'm technically "showing" yet. I got out all the maternity clothes I had saved. I hadn't hung on to much...pretty much just my good stuff from Motherhood. Most of those are huge, and even with a 6-9 month belly, I think they'd either fall off of me or look ridiculous. I've ordered two skirts from Motherhood (on sale!)--one jean skirt and one black dress skirt, but I'll need to add tops. Fortunately, I can wear regular ones for a while, since I spent my January maternity clothes budget!
Olivia is starting to talk in small sentences, usually involving "I want..." She's just such a little happy most of the time, and growing up so fast.
I've had fun doing something different with my girls this week. I know most mothers have their kids helping in the kitchen from a very young age, but I've kindof put it off since it's so much easier and faster to do everything myself. Carli's been setting the table for a while now, but recently she's been wanting to help me cook. I've really enjoyed having her company, and Livy has joined a few times too. It's such a bonding moment with them.
It seems like there was more to go in this post, but I'm not sure what it was. Hope you all have a worshipful and blessed Sunday. I'm already looking forward to my nap! :)


Shandra said...

Pam, her outfit is so cute! She looks so sweet!

Anonymous said...

wellll i was actually thinking sunday that you you were [almost] showing...but i think it was me being silly...haha
anyways looks like livvy had a fun party! i love the chair *smile*