Friday, January 4, 2008

Trying blogging again!

My cousin Melanie thought I should try Blogspot (I think she said Bebo was to teenager-ish), so here I am.

The big news in our family is that we are adding baby #3 to our family in August. We are very excited even though it was a surprise. Evidently Glen wasn't as adament about "no more kids" as I thought he was, because he's as excited as I am, I think! So far no major sickness....just "smell" issues and some sugar problems, both of which have passed.

What a fun Christmas/New Years:
--Our Christmas Musical at the beginning of December
--Snow/ice storms!
--Carli's preschool program
--Wayne, Esther, Makayla, Glen's parents and sisters coming for Sunday dinner (23rd)...then Es and I sat and cropped (she worked on cards and I worked on my scrapbook) all afternoon.
--It's a Wonderful Life!
--We celebrated our Christmas with the girls on the 24th....the girls were so sweet and we had a lot of fun!
--Christmas Eve candlelight family communion at church
--Spending Christmas Eve with Glen's parents, Wayne and family in Elwood.
--Christmas in Elwood.
--Sharing our news with Mom and Dad and Jordan and Kayla on Wednesday (26th)....I think they were shocked--more on that in another post!
--"Christmas morning" (27th) with my family...and playing games and talking and talking and eating and eating that day and the next.
--Brunch (oh, my, that was yummy), seeing The Nutcracker at the Benedum, and eating at 7th Street Grill with Uncle Paul, Aunt Ardella, Fredi and Dianna
--Spending more time with family on Sunday and Monday morning.
--New Year's Eve with Jed and Alyssa, including spiced cider, lots of yummies, Scattagories and laughs!
--New Year's Day--sleeping in, PF Chang's with Jed and Alyssa, apple dumplings at Glen's parents (YUM!).

Now we're finally back into the swing of things, and I'm trying to get Macroeconomics off to a good start (ugh).

Before I close, let me ask for prayers for my Grandmother Satterfield. She feel a couple nights ago, broke her hip and hit her head very hard on a metal filing cabinet. She's in the hospital, and they can't operate on her hip until the bleeding on the brain stops. Obviously this is a real worry to my parents and Dad's family. Lowell came in from NJ and is staying with my parents. Also remember Jordan and Kayla as they make the long trip (23 hours) back to SD!

Love you all,

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