Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Does toothpaste kill bacteria?

Oh, my do I have a story for you. I know, I know, you are waiting for Livy's b-day pics and party details, and I promise, that post is coming soon! But I've just got to tell you what happened today, even though I should be working on my last two chapters and problems, due tomorrow.

Anyway. I was busily working on school work in my room, when Carli and Livy wandered in. I saw that Livy was sucking on a washcloth, but it totally did not register in my harried brain. Carli made me pay attention, though, a few minutes later. She said, "Mommy, Livy put that washcloth in the potty when I was going potty!" Makes me sick just to think about it. I was so grossed out. Normally, I use kids toothpaste on the kids, but I got our "adult" toothpaste out and scrubbed her mouth. I'm not sure if it did any good, but it made me feel a little bit better anyway! You'd think I had a boy for all the mischief that my little one can get into!

Carli just asked me when our baby is coming, and I said, "Not for a while." Carli said, "Oh, good! I like whiles! I just love whiles! Whiles are the best!"

Ok, back to the grindstone!


Melanie C. said...

Yuck, yuck, yuck!!! Oh gross! haha So glad it happened to you instead of me! Where do the kids come up with that idea? It's not something WE do....lol! Love you!

Anonymous said...

It must be their dads! ;)

How many more days til D-Day?