Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Big Sister in control

Thought you'd enjoy this conversation from last night....

Carli was trying to get Olivia to say "I love you."

Carli: Livia, say "I."
Oivia: No.
C: LIVY, say "I."
O: No.
C: Livy, I said say "I."
O: I.

Evidently she knows when she's not going to win the argument! :)

Another comment from Carli a mere moment ago. I just picked up Carli from preschool, and she's been practically bouncing off the walls ever since we walked in the door.

Glen: Carli are you excited to be home?
Carli: No.
Glen: Well, where do you want to be?
Carli: We're here, but we don't have to be excited about it!


Anonymous said...

haha... how very cute :) how very classic :D I have a feeling Hannawill be much the bossy sister... she yelled at the trash can the other day for touching her toy... hummm...

Katie said...

why am I anonymous? you hsould know who I am :) hehe

a-ha I have to click "nick name"