Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday update

Maddy was much happier today, though she played the drama queen this afternoon by setting her apnea monitor off every minute or two for about an hour and a half. It was the bradycardia alarm (low heart rate), and I'm not completely sure that it was just the wires, because I was getting a low heart rate on taking her pulse, as well. She popped back up easily enough, so the doctor on call thought we'd be ok to wait until tomorrow to talk to the neurosurgeon, as it is probably related to the surgery. At any rate, she's fine now, but I didn't take her to church tonight because I didn't feel comfortable taking the alarm off and I couldn't let it go off in church, either.

We are enjoying some beautiful spring weather. All five of us took a walk tonight just breathing in the fresh air. Love this time of year.

Granny sent this dress for Maddy, and she just looked so adorable in it today! :)

Carmen passed along this adorable Barbie princess dress for Olivia. She lives in her princess dresses! As soon as she gets up, she says, "I wanna be princess!"
Ok, this is back at the hospital. I was getting ready to take Maddy's picture (yet again) when Dr. Schaefer walked in and offered to snap a picture of the two of us. The look on her face is pretty much how she was every time she was moved from the time she woke up from the sedation until Friday. Not loud cries, but little scowls and wimpers.


Vonnie said...

These pictures are adorable, Pammy!! Sorry about the little frowns on the last picture, but the others are wonderful and happy looking!!

danaeyoung said...

What a sweet picture mommy and her littlest girl!