Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Out of PICU!

Maddy's PICU nurse fixing her oxygen and feeding tube. She was completely awesome.

Freshly bathed and moved to 4th floor, and now sleeping with her eyes slit open.I'll take another picture later showing the full dress. Auntie Pam brought it Monday. Too cute with LadyBug pockets. (Thanks, Auntie. So much fun being spoiled!


j3k said...
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j3k said...

Many prayers being sent! Congratulations on the move from PICU to a regular floor. I know what a great feeling that is. Keep staying strong!!! I know after so many days in the hospital it starts to catch up with ya!!! She is looking great! Take care

Hearts and Hugs

2 a.m. trying to get caught up!! said...

Aww, she is such a doll baby! It's so much fun dressing them isn't it! She's lucky to have an Aunt that spoils Take care and thanks for the update! God Bless you all! I keep you in my prayers! You are such a blessing and encouragement to me! Luv ya Donna

Lori said...

They look the sweetest when they're sleeping! She is so cute, glad everything went well!