Monday, March 9, 2009

Maddy Surgery Update #2 (PLUS PICS!!!)

Madeline is all settled in her room in Peds ICU (PICU). She's intubated and sedated, partly for pain management and partly because they want to do an MRI with sedation tomorrow morning. I'll tell you what, it's still a kick in the gut whenever you see her for the first time, as pics below will show. But I'm rather glad she's sedated, because hopefully she'll be over the worst of the pain by the time they wake her up.

I took this picture yesterday evening before church. Notice the adorable little shoes (from Aunt Pam and Melanie for the baby shower). And hopefully you'll notice how much weight she's putting on now that we're on the NG tube.

This morning before we left home.

Pre-surgery: One last hug from Daddy. She was pretty happy considering she was hungry and Auntie was telling her all about her breakfast.

Post-Surgery: On a ventilator, and head wrapped to protect surgery site. (The kick in the gut, on first sight.)


Missy said...

Wow...she is definitely getting so much bigger. Love the double chin!!! I will pray for all of you during this rough time. Hopefully her recovery will be fast and not so painful!

Anonymous said...

So glad to get to see the pictures of our beautiful, growing Maddy but I would really like to be holding her too!!! Hugs -- Granny S

Anonymous said...

Do you remember me from Key West before your family left for Taiwan? I've been keeping up on your blogspot about your precious baby girl and just learned from Evonne's blog about Maddy's last surgery, then read in depth about it here. I will pray that God would be especially close and help you during this time. It is He who orchestrates our lives and wants to guide us into a more intimate walk with Him.
Praying for you,
Martha (Devers) L.

j3k said...

My prayers are with you!!! She is so adorable....I have you saved in my favorites so I can check back frequently and see how Maddy is doing.

Hearts and Hugs

Marie Wimsett

Carla said...

Hope Maddy's recovery goes well. I will pray for you all.