Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday update

Maddy is doing ever so much better. She still is pretty sore, therefore grouchy at times, scowling and glaring at us when we move her. Most of the time, she's not so bad! She's been awake a lot more now, and playing with her toys a bit and rocking with Mommy.
I think we could have been discharged last night, had we not been waiting on one more doctor's approval. The GI doctor wants to see her first, and when the nurse called this morning to tell her that we were only waiting for her, she was astonished that it was a possibility that we could leave after a brain surgery! She felt badly, but she had multiple surgeries scheduled at two different hospitals, and she can't see Maddy until tomorrow morning. Oh, well. Such is life. I didn't ask if it was a possibility, but the pulmonologist did say that she wouldn't advise even the minor surgery to place the G-tube so soon after the craniectomy. So basically we're just waiting overnight just to have the GI doctor to just tell us what the new plan is. At any rate, sounds like we'll be back before too long!
On a serious note, I would ask that all of you who have prayed so faithfully for Madeline to send up prayers for a friend from our SS class who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. I think she's Glen's age. I know she and her family are in total shock right now and desperately need to feel the arms of God and His children around them right now.

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j3k said...

I'm so happy to know she is doing so good! Prayer is so powerful. She looks great! I have been praying daily for her. Please be careful on your journey home if you do get to head that way and keep us posted on her healing. I will keep praying for her continuous healing.

Hearts and Hugs