Saturday, March 21, 2009

In and out.

Remember when I said that Maddy's apnea alarm was going off for bradycardia? By the time it went off almost solidly for three hours straight, I finally called the doctor on call on Friday night and she said to take her to ER to be checked out. So at 1:30 a.m., I took her on over to St. Joseph's, let her go to sleep on their monitor, and sure enough, she was dipping into the 70s after being asleep for about a half hour. The week before, I remembered she was hanging out in around the 150s.

The doctor called St. Vincent, since that is who normally deals with all of Madeline's various and sundry drama or otherwise, and they send to bring her on down. We rode via ambulance (even though there was no "emergency"), and settled her onto third floor peds once again. The doctors here ran blood and urinalysis to be safe, but were pretty sure that the monitor could simply be adjusted for her age--hanging out with a heart rate dipping to the 70s during sleep isn't all that bad, come to find out.

But while we're here, may as well treat the urinary tract infection. Yep, that again. We stayed overnight to see what the cultures would grow. Kids that are on prophylactic antibiotics (daily preventative, due to vescicoureteral reflux, urine reflux from bladder to kidneys), evidently develop other, more complicated "bugs" that have to be treated with IV antibiotics. So the question was do we have to stay here again, waiting to make sure that we don't need IVs (and thereby making mommy miss the Talley Trio leading worship tomorrow morning) or risk it and go home, and see what the test show tomorrow?

We get to GO HOME, and we'll just follow up with the infectious desease doctor in clinic, and we can do IVs that way too, if needed! Yippee!

So now I can go home and finish cleaning for my dear friend Lisa to come see me. She was supposed to come on Friday, and well, that obviously didn't work out. Can't wait.....

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Anonymous said...

I am a fellow Prayer Warrior for Baby Stellan. Found your blog through MkMama. Thought you would also like to pray for this sweet young