Monday, March 16, 2009

Christmas at Grandma Cessna's (Yep, it's March, I know, but I'm still playing picture catch up)

Six o'clock a.m. sharp is when Christmas at Grandma's kicked off (which means we were up at 5 at my mom's to get ready). I can't figure out why I only have pictures of present openings, because the whole day was packed with all our Cessna traditions. Next year, I'm going to take pictures of every little detail! :) And again, some of these are fuzzy. Something's not been right with the camera ever since Carli dropped it into the water at the zoo.

So we start with the kids singing their Christmas program songs or reciting lines, much to the children's frustration! We open presents from youngest to oldest. Every year, Uncle Craig will peel one corner of a package and say, "Oh, thank you!" and pretend to put it aside. (Precious Memories! :) )

We have breakfast at 8:00 sharp. This now involves stretching a long line of tables clear into the great room from the dining room. The main menu item on the traditional Cessna Christmas breakfast is date loaf, and this year, I tried it for the first time, and yep, it will be an every year tradition for this little Cessna girl now too.

As soon as breakfast is over and cleaned up, the "older" ladies start setting the table for Christmas Dinner, complete with the best China, silver, crystal, cloth napkins, tablecloths and center pieces. (In order for Grandma to pull this whole day off, she has everything, and I mean everything written down in a notebook, including each part of the table setting. We have a picture of this notebook from one year that shows even how many highchairs are needed.) This year, Jordan, Kayla, Glen, and I took the little ones back to Mom's to get the kiddos changed and combed for the day.

Our Christmas (turkey) Dinner is one of the best parts of the day, especially when Uncle Craig gets started telling funny stories. Especially fun is when he tells one that embarrasses Grandma, but she can't help but laugh!

So we clean up once again, take naps, play games, chase kiddos, and set the table once again for our turkey-sandwich supper. Yep, we eat until we're about sick on Christmas. This year we talked Grandma to push of supper to 6. For supper, we also have all the wonderful goodies and fun foods that everyone has brought with them. Mmmm....

Emily and Olivia

That's Daniel (Jordan and Kayla's little boy) hiding behind Mom's hands. Aunt Pam is holding Landon (Melanie's middle child).

Grandma is the queen of Christmas.

Jordan and Daniel

Kayla (my lovely sis-in-law)

Uncle Craig (who keeps things lively), Aunt Becky, Jennifer and Andrew

Shawn and Melanie
Auntie, RB, Emily and Olivia
PS: I posted last night, so keep scrolling if you haven't seen the adorable pics of Maddy Kate yet!

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