Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

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I do not get in a funk when I bring Maddy home from the hospital. And if I did, it certainly would not be because I'm overwhelmed by having to care for her on my own again, as well as two other adorable crumb-crunchers and a house to boot. That would be silly, since I am a SuperMom.

I do not wish that I could sit and read as much as I did in the hospital.

I do not keep posting as an attempt to avoid work.

I am not enjoying watching Maddy play with her fingers and elbows, and a cute little beaded teething ring.

I definitely have not made Olivia stay dressed in day clothes rather than her assorted princess dresses.

We would never stay at a birthday party 5 hours longer than we meant to, just so that we didn't have to come home and be responsible (work).

At the same b-day party, I never, never ever even thought about asking my hubby if he'd let any of the other guys get a word in edgewise!

I would shudder at even the thought of owning a dog, so I would never even think about how fun it would be to have a puppy as cute as the little Cocker Spaniel that I saw this week.

I did not say "Oh, Lord, help us!" (and mean it) when one of Obama's something-or-others said something about another stimulus package being a possibility.

I am NOT taking the time to do a not-me-Monday post because there's a rather cool prize being given by MckMamma!


Wayne said...

great not me monday's

I bet it was so cute seeing maddy playing and I like how you stayed at the party 65 hours over

Wayne said...

I ment to type 5 hours sorry, I never make typing mistakes

danaeyoung said...

Hi Pam! Enjoying your pics!
You've posted alot of them!! Your top picture on your blog right now is precious! I like it. Maddy is gaining weight and getting bigger and I think she looks like Carli. Do you hear that from people?
There's another pic on your blog of Madeline I really like and its the one with those blue shoes on, on the post ,surgery two, in March! She's smiling in that one. How precious!
Enjoyed seeing the pic of you all at Wayne and Essies place and the pic of them as well!
When or if ya get a chance it'd be nice to hear from ya soon!
Love, Danae

Evonne said...

How do you do it? Your blog is so attractive and interesting! I can't believe how adorable Maddy is in the little pink dress...sooo sweet! We also just loved the matching pjs for trio of sisters; we were so delighted! We truly are thankful at how well Maddy seems to be doing: an answer to prayer. I happen to think Maddy looks more like Glen than her sisters did at that age. A striking likeness!

Shirley Dye said...

Madeline is just beautiful. What a lovely smile!