Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Reading

I've been known to say I hope there are libraries in the heaven (maybe the new earth, at least?), and while that may be a little shallow, it's a very honest sentiment. So many books, so little time, as the saying goes. I usually have several going at one time so that I have one for whatever mood I'm in. I always have one in my purse along with my Kindle, too.

By the way, it may sound like I sit around eating bon-bons (don't say it, please!) and read all day long, but the truth is I really don't get to read that much, for all the same reasons every other wife/mother/home-educator/ chief cook and bottle washer/part-time transcriptionist doesn't get to read much. In the summer, I do have a tad bit more time, and most of that time is eaten up with reading homeschooling material that will help us on our journey. I "read" a lot of my books by MP3 player, but it has to be really engaging and not require a lot of cogitating. I love to go to bed with a book, or sit up reading in the living room, but goodness, I'm asleep in 30 seconds flat most nights.

This week Glen was in Washington, D.C., and one night, around midnight, I finally crawled into bed with my book. The girls were sleeping all around me (two on the floor, one on the bed), as is our custom when Glen is gone, but I turned on the light and settled in anyway. I actually made it to the end of a chapter, but I must have fallen asleep rolling over to turn off the lamp for I awoke to my alarm at 6:00, the lamp blazing and the book tucked in by my pillow.

That being said, and since I love to see what's books are hanging out on the nightstands or coffee tables or in the baskets of others, I thought I'd share my current stack. (I'd share my up-next list, but it is entirely too long and would take me the rest of the year to get a fourth of the way through, if that.)

  • Desiring God--John Piper

  • The Hand of God: A Journey from Death to Life by the Abortion Doctor Who Changed His Mind--Bernard Nathanson

  • Organized Simplicity--Tsh Oxenreider

  • A Charlotte Mason Companion: Personal Reflections on the Gentle Art of Learning--Karen Andreola

  • Home Education--Charlotte Mason, Kindle

  • Ginger Pye--Eleanor Estes, with the children

  • The Count of Monte Cristo--Alexander Dumas (Kindle)

  • The Autobiography of Mark Twain--Mark Twain (MP3)

  • The Passage--Justin Cronin


Pamela said...

Yes!!! I don't notice the dust in a friend's house if there's a stack of books I can dig through. Loved seeing yours. I bet I have one on mine you don't -- Grandparenting: for grandparents at any age of life. Ha! I'm happy you take time to read -- it's food for the soul and we're not whole without it!

Hugs ~

Shore Girl said...

Reading is something that's "slipped through the cracks" in my life since fibromyalgia hit 5 years ago and my eyes refuse to function right at night (when I had time to read). We read plenty of "kids books" for homeschool during the day, but you make me want to spend at least some of my summer break with an "adult read." AND YES I'm amazed at the number of books you're able to read and retain with all the things you have to do in life!