Thursday, June 2, 2011

Grade 3 Curriculum (2011/2012)

I feel like ordering, "Drumroll, please!" I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my dear sister-in-law, Esther, knows exactly what I mean when I say that I have lived and breathed homeschool research in this last week. To be honest, as much as I look forward to the end of the school year, a big part of that is because I enjoy working on the upcoming year.

This year I have double the fun with Olivia moving on to Kindergarten next year. And an added challenge...try to do it for a LOT less money (more on that at another date). Last year I spent around $400 for just Carli. This year? Carli's comes to $167 or so. Still working on Olivia's.

Ok, so here we go! I think I'll just list everything this time, and explain more about the whys and wherefores and give links another time.

:: Year 2 History, Geography, Literature, Readers, Artist and Composer Studies, Poetry, Music
Appreciation, Natural History/Science, Free Reading List--Ambleside Online.
::Math--Teaching Textbooks 3
::Language--finish Primary Language Lessons
::Penmanship/Copywork--Pictures in Cursive
::Spelling--The Modern Speller (a classic) and customized spelling lists
:: Art--ARTistic Pursuits
::Foreign Language--Looking into free Spanish lessons in town at our local teacher's shop.

The free curriculum at Ambleside Online has been a treasure-trove discovery for me. I love Charlotte Mason's philosophy of education (that's right! More on that later), and Ambleside Online bases it's whole curriculum on her principles. It will be an intense and exciting year. I have much learning and growing to do as a mother and a teacher, but I've seen the start of it this past year as we started our journey down this road.


Shore Girl said...

I've enjoyed preparing for next year as well --- already excited about it and all the new/fun stuff we'll be doing. Already made several purchases towards third grade and had so much fun browsing through the new books! Just wish you weren't quite so far away so we could share the fun of homeschooling a bit more!

nanasteaparty said...

I'm so very impressed with all of your planning. I agree that I always looked forward the school year ending, but began thinking and planning by July or so for the new year. Always so excited!!
I was thinking that if you ever, ever would like to have a 'guest reader' for the girls....I know someone who has several of the books on the booklist on her bookshelf...I also happen to know that she loves to read to small children. Just saying....
BTW I just received confirmation that your planner has been shipped. I'm as excited as you are to see it!!

Michelle said...

Pulling it together can be quite a challenge, can't it? I love Simply Charlotte Mason because it's laid out for me in such a simple way.