Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy's Bible

The Bible I will take to church with me today was held in my father's hands. It was a gift from my mother in 1973 and it is soft with age and love. Her tiny script marks the flyleaf, and I wonder if her matching Bible was a gift from him?

Later Bibles belonging to Daddy are very marked and full of notes, but this one only has a few marked passages and a few sermon outlines scrawled on so-small pieces of paper. It always amazed me how he could preach such beautiful sermons off of a scrap of paper, just a few words jotted down.

I read these words last night, and my first thoughts were of the Bible of Daddy's I treasure.

A Book I have - a friend gave -
Whose Pencil - here and there -
Had notched the place that pleased Him -
At Rest - His fingers are -

Now - when I read - I read not -
For interrupting Tears -
Obliterate the Etchings
Too Costly for Repairs.

~~Emily Dickinson, c. 1862

Happy Father's Day in Heaven. Are you with your father around the Father's throne?

Daddy's photography


Anonymous said...

Beautiful writing, Pam -- so glad to see the pictures again too. I love it that you have a special Bible too -- I am carrying the one he took everywhere. When I find something he underlined, I feel like I have found a message from Daddy, as well as from God!

Don't forget how much he loved his "brown sugar baby"! WHO knows why he ever called you that but he loved to call you that -- and Pamelitta!!

Love you, mommy

Pamela said...

Beautiful, Pam. I was thinking of him and you all this morning.