Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hot and Sweaty Memorial Day Bliss

Memorial Day turned out differently than originally planned. We stayed put her in Indiana rather than heading to PA. Would have loved to visit the cemetery and Mom's newly found bench just a few feet away from Daddy's grave and to see the lovely geraniums she planted.

Instead we sweat it out here in Kokomo! It was a HOT one! I stuck to the cool house for most of the morning. Carli was at her friend Katie's house all morning, so Glen took Olivia on an hour+ bike ride. I finished up a sermon file, "putzed," as Mom would say, and continued to research 2011/2012 school year. Love nice long lazy holidays!

Olivia and Carli were in begging-to-help mode, so I taught them (again) how to peel potatoes for our potato salad, and Carli set the picnic table on the deck. She chose a red table cloth and cut strips of paper to write place cards, held down by pebbles. :) Madeline wheeled around the kitchen, keeping me company while I put our simple meal together.

I think the girls were in their swimsuits all afternoon (Olivia for most of the morning, too). I pulled out sundresses for when our company arrived for a tad more sophistication.

Trying to tell Mommy something by mouthing it!

Glen's burgers were juicy and delicious, and if I could remember what brand of baked beans we bought, I would freely tell you which ones NOT to buy. Mealy beans anyone? Definitely should have tasted them first. Potato salad and chip dip and Mom's made-from-scratch brownies and raspberry tea were fantastic, though.

So fun to have friends to spend the holiday with. Danny, Lisa, Emily, and Cameron...glad you're in our lives!

The one and only picture I have of the Bryants yesterday. Ooops.

Clean again!

Very tired bedtime prayers.

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