Monday, June 13, 2011

The List

Carli and Olivia are anxiously awaiting the arrivial of their cousins from South Dakota, Breanna, Daniel, and Alyssa. Mind you, they will be here only one day on their way back West, but here is a list of activities Carli has compiled for their day (complete with her spelling/caps, etc):

  1. Look at books

  2. Eat Breckfest

  3. Littlest Pet shop

  4. color

  5. play school

  6. play ball out side

  7. play house

  8. ride bikes

  9. eat lunch

  10. Big suprise

  11. pick out are favret roks

  12. take a rest

  13. play the piano

Sounds like they are going to have a jolly good time! :)


Anonymous said...

You all are going to have such a good time!!! I am glad you will have some time together -- just wishing I could hide in a corner and watch!! Great ideas, Carli!! Hugs for everyone from Granny!

Pamela said...

We sure enjoyed our visit. If I just would have remembered to make a list. I'm the list queen. I'm not sure how that passed me by. I so would have put "pick out are favret roks" on it.