Saturday, September 27, 2008

So tired I could cry

I feel a bit like a truck hit me this morning. Not that I would know what that feels like. Maddy spiked a fever yesterday around 5p and she was not happy until about 6:30A. I'm so grateful that the fever has broken, because with all the different issues she has, I was a little worried. Especially on the weekend. I didn't know if I should call the doctor (her fever was 102), and which doctor? And on the weekend, who could I get ahold of? I guess I could have called the NICU and asked.

So I did get to sleep from 6:30--11:15A or so. But I'm still gritty and struggling to get the things done that should be done.

Like schoolwork. Whenever a new class started before I'd be done with the first week's stuff by the first day or two. It's now the third day, and the only thing I've done is read one chapter and posted my bio. (So what am I doing online?)

We had fun last evening with some friends that we met through Carli's preschool last year. Some of you may remember Carli's special little friends Liam and Wyatt. The six of us adults took the seven kids to Pizza Hut. Wow, I haven't had a HOT PH pizza in a LONG time, and I don't remember ever having the stuffed crust pizza. It was the best unhomemade pizza that I'm had in a long time. Then we went back to Lori's house for apple crisp and ice cream. Oh, my. It was so delicious.

I've enjoyed spending time in Carli's classroom. Last Thursday, I went in to read to the kids for the Accelerated Reader program. I enjoyed watching Miss Hannum in action, and I was really impressed. Friday, both Kindergarten classes were making apple dumplings, so I helped out with that, too. While we were waiting for them to bake, I got to read to the class as a whole and listen to some of their learning songs. And I got to eat most of Carli's apple dumpling. She just ate the ice cream. No complaints here. Yesterday, I helped the PTA ladies serve a treat to the kids during recess, and then went to Carli's class to read to them again for the AR program. I read 19 books to 19 kids and then helped them with their quizzes. I think I know most of the kids' names now, and they know mine. Or they think they do. When I walked in yesterday, a lot of them came to hug me and a few said excitedly, "Hi, Mrs. Raspberry!"

Monday is Madeline's spine doctor appointment. This week I got an email from a lady on our SB email list who told me that her son had a higher lesion than Maddy, but also had the same kyphosis (severe curvature). She said her son did the same thing that Maddy does (flipping backwards when I'm holding her upright and facing me), and she said that her son's doctor regretted not documenting everything that her son did, because all that flipping backwards ended up stretching the tendons, etc, and corrected the kyphosis. You can be sure that I no longer worry about her s-curve position, as I call it. She sleeps like that, too, and it had always had worried me. I'll be curious to see what the spine doctor thinks. Linda's son is now 23, and at that point there had been no documented case of a kyphosis healing itself through "therapy."

Well, I have to get to my schoolwork (yippee), and some paperwork for Maddy's upcoming appointments and applications for disability (double yippee).

Take care!

PS...Sorry for the whiny post. Give me some sleep and I'll give you a cheery one! :)


KATiE said...

Mrs. Raspberry, I like it. :)

RS said...

Wow--making apple dumplings for the kindergarteners--next thing we know you'll be running for Vice President (wouldn't Glen make a good "First Dude?"). Dad

Melanie C. said...

Sickness has wound up in this family as well..more mucous than I wish is "running" around here! How are you doing everything you are doing?..I think I must just be lazy...oh! Speaking of apple dumplings...I made an awesome apple strudel that really will make you cry - only tears of joy...maybe you should ask me for the recipe and then you would feel better. BTW, I don't think your post was too whiny!!!

Amy said...

I am so sorry for you--not because you were whining--but because you are overwhelmed! I wich I knew you personally and we lived close so I could bring a meal to your home and let you rest awhile!

Hang in there. Anxious to hear about Maddy's spine appointment!

Lori said...

Been thinking about you guys, and no, I don't think your post was a bit whiny, it's just true life. I do hope that everything improves for you, I know the over-whelming feeling, just on a much smaller scale. Tyler has discovered my name and has been practicing it 25 million times a day, this mommyhood can be very exhausting, hang in there!