Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quick note

Happy Autumn! It's so beautiful here. Maybe a little warm in the afternoons, but the mornings and evenings are absolutely perfectly cool, and I love it. I really think fall is my favorite season.

I wanted to give you all something to pray about (not that your list isn't long enough). As you know, we are heading into RSV season, and RSV is not something that Madeline can afford to get at this point. Because of her lower immune system due to the DiGeorge's syndrome and her respiratory insufficiency, her pulmonologist really wants her to have the shots. She is working to get them approved by insurance, which may be an issue since Maddy wasn't really a premie, and therefore doesn't fit the normal protocol. I've been told by the PT who evaluated Maddy that each of the shots (5 in all) costs $1200. If insurance doesn't pay for them, we will be in the house from October to February. I really would rather not, but I will if necessary. So could you pray that the insurance will approve the shots?!! Why do insurance companies make medical decisions anyway?

Well, I'm off to read the first three chapters in my strategic planning textbook. Yes, I'm finishing up, I hope! I have six more classes. I may be crazy, but if I can't swing it with everything else goes on, I'll withdraw again for a while and try again later.

Here's to my sanity!


Mami Adame said...

Hello, found you looking for fellow DiGeorge Mommies. Will be praying for you to get those shots! We are unfortunately already sick on our end. I'll have to read up more about you guys!
Take Care!

Kathy said...

I stole your blog off Angelina's blog. Just another DiGeorge mom (but, I have a house full of boys, not girls:(

Your cutie pies are just that...TOO CUTE!

I'll sit back tonight and read about you guys. Feel free to check out ours too...(we're freaking out about RSV season too...Our Isaac had a cough and I made them suck out his snot and check it...negative..yeah..but, still FREAKS me out!)

(and that blog address doesn't mean that we're gamblers living in Vegas...our last name is Roller and we live in Vegas...pretty funny, huh??)

Judith Atnip said...

Hi. I found your site from another site, so no, you don't know me, but............ I work at a doctor's office and I bet your insurance will cover the RSV shots. I am helping with approvals on those at our office. I don't think it takes a lot to qualify. God's best to you.