Monday, September 15, 2008

Random picture update

Helping Daddy water the plants
This is the dress that Carli wore home from the hospital, one of my favorites.
Growing up. I love how she crossed her leg.
I think this was the first time that Maddy sat in her Bumbo seat.
Olivia got into my lipgloss. She obviously applied it to more than just her lips!

Tummy time. By the way, look how much better her shunt looks! If you look back at previous posts, you'll see how the fluid was pooling around it, so it looked really swollen.

Maddy was a bit grouchy tonight, so I tried the bumbo seat to see if she wanted to sit up. I don't think it worked!

And stay tuned to Glen's blog ( for a guest post from his brother Keith, who had the privilege of meeting Governor Palin. I'll leave it to him to give you all the details, but this wasn't just a huge impersonal rally, but a one-on-one encounter with the lovely lady. We had him on speaker phone less than an hour after the meeting, and I declare, he sounded more giddy than I'd ever heard him before! Of course we're all jealous! :)


KATiE said...

i love picture posts :D they make me smile!! Very much so! Maddy is so cute in the bumbo chair!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that lip gloss could also be used for eyeliner.

I love the fat rolls on the baby arms.

Faith said...

So cool for Keith to meet Sarah Palin! I'd have loved to hear his report. lol