Monday, September 29, 2008

So as not to be outdone...

Well, for all of you Cessnas who are keeping track, Kayla, Melanie and I have all posted today. Bummer: I don't have time to upload pictures, but I thought you'd love me almost as much if I at least give an update!

We went to the spine doctor today, and the plan is to watch and wait a bit before doing anything major on the kyphosis. He said that surgery definitely will be needed because it will be very difficult for her to sit independently otherwise. We don't need that. She needs to be able to do as much as possible since she'll be spending a lot of life a wheelchair. And he doesn't have any problem with Maddy positioning herself in the S-curve that draws a lot of attention. She's obviously comfortable that way, and she settles right down when we rock her that way.

Grandma, the little notebook that you gave Carli has been a constant companion--she's filled it up with pictures and letters. She started taking it in her backpack so that she could write on the bus. I got her another one today, and she's been sounding out words and then drawing pictures to go with them, all on her own.

Well, I have a recommendation for naming the next two hurricanes: Carli and Olivia. They've been through my house, and I think they're Category 5. So since I've been working furiously on schoolwork, I missed clean up time with them, and it's time for them to go to bed. I'm breaking with my normal rigid rules of them helping with clean up because I cannot wait until Carli comes home from school tomorrow to work on it. So I'm off! Only three more hours till Maddy's last cath and I can go to bed!!!! :) Yippee!

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Jennifer said...

Hi Pam! I just found your blog again and put it in my reader. Your girls are so adorable and Carli looks just like you when you were little! I'll try to keep up with everything now that I've found you again. Hope to talk to you soon.