Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pictures Later, update now!

How is it possible that so much time has passed since I last provided an update? Thanks so much for your patience! It's been busy, busy, busy around here! My camera needs charged, but I thought I'd at least give you a brief run-down of what's going on in our little family.

Glen: Full-steam ahead with his second master's degree, besides teaching and his "regular" job. Poor guy hardly has any relaxing time at all, but I think that he'll be a student forever, regardless. He just loves being a student.

Me: Learning the ropes of having three kids, learning to cook again, and doing a lot of entertaining recently. We had two families over on Friday, a friend on Saturday, Glen's family for Sunday dinner, and six friends for snacks on Sunday night. BTW, thanks to one and all who brought meal for FOUR weeks after we left the hospital. You'll never know how much it meant to us.

Carli: Full-day kindergarten started this week for her. Her school has switched completely to full-day, instead of it being just for the kids who are struggling. She seems to be really enjoying it. Of course, they've just been reviewing letter recognition and sounds at school, but the review has really helped and she's sounding out words and spelling others much more quickly even than before. At the supper table, it's incredibly fun to me to spell a word and have her sound it out so quickly, and see that light come into her eyes when she "gets it." She's totally enjoying baby sister Maddy and helping mommy in the kitchen, etc. We've been working on Scripture memory, the days of Creation, and "This is my Father's World," and she has amazed me with how fast she learns. Last night when she was praying before bed time, she included, "Praise God that you created light on the first day. Praise God that you created sky on the second day!" etc. It was so sweet!

Olivia: This week started potty training in earnest for Olivia. The poor girl got left by the way side a bit with Madeline's birth. If any one would like to take over the task, I wouldn't mind! :) I've been enjoying having some more one-on-one time with her while Carli's at school. I've been trying to work on colors with her. I love to hear her talk--her sentences are finally getting quite a bit longer! She brightens up our world.

Madeline: (FYI, her name is pronounced Mad-e-line, not Mad-e-lyn) Maddy is more alert each day. This week has been slow in so far with drs appointments, until Friday, when she sees an ENT doctor. The sleep study showed that she has two kinds of apnea. She had several times when she did indeed stop breathing, which caused her O2 saturation to drop. They are hoping that the ENT will find something that may be causing the obstructive apnea. They will probably put her on meds, too, for reflux, and that could help the apnea. In the mean time, they've had me bump up the oxygen to 1/4 liter from 1/8. We're blessed that so far we've not had to take her back to the hospital. Please pray with us that the apnea can be resolved. Other than that, we're doing ok. First Steps comes next week to do their initial evaluation, and then from there, we'll write her plan.

Well, if you've made it this far, thanks for hearing me out. I guess daily updates might be better as far as length!

Thanks to everyone for your continued love and support and prayers! We feel it!


Anonymous said...

Connor had really bad sleep apnea too when he was a little baby and was on the monitor. His O2 SATS dropped a few times and he did stop breathing once in the middle of the night and within minutes my bedroom had about 10 EMT's in it, with me barely dressed. Now funny memories, not so much then. The thing that helped Connor significantly was when we had his tonsils and adenoids removed. Also helped his gagging stop.

Kimberly said...

Blessings on you all. Your girls are precious! Prayers!