Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Then and Now

Hi, everyone. We're sitting in NICU with Maddy tonight, and I have the computer for a change. I realize that it's been a while since I reported in. To be honest there wasn't much to report until today. Earlier this week, we were waiting for Maddy to pick up some weight, since she lost a few ounces once they took her off all her lipids, etc. But Tuesday night she was up one ounce and tonight an ounce and a half, so it sounds like....WE'RE GOING HOME TOMORROW! I was so depressed yesterday, because it seemed like we kept adding another day, and I'm sick to death of being up here. Not knowing when she might be released is harder at this end than at the beginning when I knew she wasn't going home for a couple of weeks. She's going home on oxygen, and will be re-evaluated in a month, and hopefully she'll get to come off at that point.

I thought I'd add a couple pictures to this post to show Maddy's progress in the last two weeks. The first is the first week...the second was just a couple days ago. Can you believe the difference?? I'll add more photos once I'm home, but Glen has been asking me for the computer at a rate of about, oh, once every 30 seconds or so, so I'd better get off! :)

Thanks so much for all your love and prayers and caring and sharing these last few weeks! We're forever grateful.


Melanie C. said...

She is absolutely precious...adorable...well, I think pretty much all babies are cute when they are asleep! Really, she is precious and adorable. "Hooray" for going home!!!

Lori said...

Thanks for the update, I've been wondering how things were going, so glad that you can take Maddy home tomorrow and that she is doing so well!

Anonymous said...

Connor's shunt is on the same side as Maddy's. All this is like reliving it again. She is adorable!! I also understand all those feelings of wanting to go home and they keep adding days. Are's ended up being almost the whole first two months. It seems like you will never get to go home and your emotions are like a roller coaster sometime. I really wish I could have been in touch with you during all of this.