Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Picture post

I only have time to give brief captions for these pics rather than full explanations, but hope you enjoy!

Below: We Cat-sat for my in-laws two times over the last month or so. This is Jingle, an absolutely beautiful Siamese cat that absolutely love the kids. If it weren't for litter boxes, I'd keep him. I'm surprised the cat still has a voicebox. Olivia dragged him around by his neck quite a bit. Excuse the lack of clothes on Olivia. We were supposed to be getting dressed, but Jingle was getting more attention than Mommy was!

Carli slept on our floor when she was sick. She had to have both CP dolls with her. Finally starting to play with dolls more, as opposed to, say, rocks and sticks.

A couple of Sundays ago, during hospitality, right before she spilled hot chocolate all over herself.

Alyssa and Lisa getting ready for my baby shower.

One of the diaper cakes, this one from Julie in my SS class.

Some of the kids at the shower. Some of the gifts!
Diaper cake--artfully designed by Aunt Pam, Melanie and Emily. Check out the adorable shoes on top!!!

Bookends from Alyssa, complete with nameplates for each of the girls.
On the way to the musical, last night!
Yes, it was windy!
Can you get any cuter than this???
Or this?

Carli and Victoria Leeder
Up front for the fourth time last weekend. Patriotic musical 2008.

Hi, Daddy!
Moses and Carli
Song: The Perfect 10. I'm going to try to get her to do it again so you can hear the whole thing. It's so cute. I'm not so sure the kids choir director had this much "swinging" in mind. Everybody got a huge kick out of Carli's overly dramatic motions.


Anonymous said...

I see a theme to everyone's attire except the boy in the video...didn't he get the memo?

What a goup of people you are around there. That whole event looked fun!

Melanie C. said...

Love, love, love Carli's hair! She looked great for the program...looked like a fun time...great post of pictures!

Lori said...

Looks like you had a really nice shower, those diaper cakes are so cute! Enjoyed all the photos, your girls are getting so tall and so cute!

Rachel said...

I loved the update of pictures. It looks like you had a fun shower with lots of neat gifts.