Monday, July 21, 2008

A series of good days!

On Saturday, I typed an exciting update to send to the email list and to post here, but it evidently didn't take on here. Sorry to leave you with a depressed sounding Mommy. Here's what I wrote Saturday, and then below that will be today's update. Sorry, I haven't had the computer to do updates or pics. I'm on the hospital computer now, and I had 42 emails about Maddy! I love it!

I have the computer just for a few minutes while Glen is in visiting Maddy. I've not been on the since last night, and haven't had a chance to read the many emails and comments in my box yet, but thank you, thank you! I know that your prayers have not gone unheard.

Maddy had an awesome day today! She was extubated very uneventfully. Her lungs sound beautiful, according to the RT. She also was able to tolerate her first bottle feeding (with my milk) since her surgery (actually, she hasn't been fed since Monday, but she's had fluids/nutrients/fat via IV). And I just went back in after shift change and Nurse Jackie has a crib pulled over for her to transfer to at some point tonight. So all in all, a very perfect day!

This is Glen now, suddenly taking over....I was just informed by Nurse Jackie that Maddy is ready for her bottle!! I knew Pam wanted to give it to her, so I came out and let Pam go in to do that for the very first time. Exciting!

Maddy was out of her incubator-type bed and in a real hospital crib for the first time, as well....and also, Jackie says we should be able to begin to hold our precious little girl in another day or so! Can you tell we're thrilled? We feel like we are really beginning to see progress.

Sunday was a wonderfully exciting day for me. I was here all day long and got to hold Maddy for every feeding! I also helped with little things like temps and caths (Ok, cathing isn't so "little" at this stage, but all I did was hold her legs!). Even though that's not much, it still feels good to be a part of the process. Glen is here today and we are holding her lots. I wouldn't be surprised if she comes home later this week. Her feedings are going up, her lipids are shut off as right now, and her TPNs are coming down really quickly. So she'll be on all breastmilk soon! Neurosurgery says that as far as they're concerned she's ok to go home. Of course, we still have to finish getting off the TPNs and learn how to change her cath, etc, but we're down to days now, rather than weeks, if things continue to progress this way. One concern is that she keeps de-SATing (oxygen levels dropping) when she drinks her bottle. They have her on a little oxygen for that, but nothing major. They're weaning her off already (got it yesterday). Other than that, we're good!

Ok, "have to" go feed Maddy!
Love you all, and thanks for praying!

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Anonymous said...

Pam, I read your Saturday night blog on Sat. night and was sooo excited for you! And now...days instead of weeks...WOW! God is AWESOME! Enjoy your little girl! Marilyn Weese