Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sibling visit and surgery

In case you hadn't gotten the group email Glen sent, Madeline is out of surgery and doing well. They were able to close up her back without extra incisions and only one skin graft. Her shunt was placed at the same time. She's on a vent for today and maybe tomorrow since she's on quite a bit of medicine to keep her sedated and in no pain. We are so relieved to be through that part of the journey. It was the hardest thing I've ever done to send her off to surgery. She's so tiny and I just couldn't (and didn't want to!) imagine her little body prepped and draped for surgery and then everything else surgery means. Thank you so much for your prayers--I'm confident that's the only thing that helped us through that rough half hour while we were waiting to send her off.

Some pictures: Below--Nurse Kelly helping the girls scrub to visit Maddy yesterday.

Livy loved her gown.
Carli could hardly wait to see the baby. Grandma said she talked of little else all day.
First glimpse of baby sister Madeline! They both were so good and didn't touch anything they shouldn't.
Livy pulled Maddy's hat off. The look on Carli's face during the whole visit was priceless.
Middle child now! Aunt Pam will probably take Olivia under her wing for counseling! :)

Maddy has quite a grip on Carli's finger.
Warning: Pictures below show Maddy's back before surgery.
Maddy's myelomeningocele. Her spine comes through her back into a little sac. Alot of nerves weren't covered by her sac. They kept the area covered in a wet dressing to keep it from drying out, and then covered in saran wrap (for lack of a better description) to keep it tight and sterile.

This morning before surgery.
After surgery. She's laying on her tummy, diaper on backwards (!). They had to get inventive with her positioning because of her clubbed feet. She looks pretty comfortable to me!
This is Kelly, Maddy's nurse for the last three days. Today, Maddy is her only "kid" since its a big day for her and she needs lots of extra attention. She's been so incredible...I'll miss her on her days off.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing pictures and reports of Maddy's progress! How adorable to see her sisters glowing! So thankful the surgery went well. Maddy is soooo sweet! I want to squeeze her! Marilyn Weese

Anonymous said...

The medical staff that does this work, and work like it, on these little ones is really incredible.

Judging by the ability of your daughters to participate and some activities, it looks like a very family friendly environment.

Stay strong.

Granny Olive said...

We are so very happy to have sweet, little Madeline join our family. We love her dearly, and can't wait until we can hold her. She is so precious. I am proud to be Grandma to three lovely little girls! They are all so very special. I could use a dozen more little girls like them! Hugs and kisses and prayers, Grandma Olive

Melanie C. said...

I love the pic of Maddy before she goes to surgery. She looks so comfortable and content.
Ethan and Landon had a great time with your girls last night. It was fun for me to get to visit with your parents...thanks for letting us "steal" them for awhile! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I've been checking into your blog frequently. Thanks for sharing updates of events as they happen. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your little family.
The Middletons

Anonymous said...

That is great they let the siblings come in for a visit. They would not let my older son do that at all at our children's hospital, but we had a lot of very sick babies in their. The pictures of Maddy's back look all so familiar. I wish we could have been in contact through the whole beginning of the ordeal, so I could have assured you of some of those things that come up unexpectedly to tell you they were common. What is Maddy's opening at? Connor's is sacral/coccyx, so his is way down.