Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hip, Hip, Horray!

My Mom is coming tomorrow! Hopefully Maddy will be home soon, too, and I will surely appreciate having my mom to keep things running smoothly during the transition! Grandma and Granddad Cessna will be driving her out, and then Dad will come pick her up in a week or a little more. AND, my brother will be driving through in a week, and I'll get to meet my new little nephew, Daniel! So excited.

More thanks--Diana for offer of laundry service; and Cara for offer of massage for baby Maddy. Both are so appreciated more than you know. And Craig and Cindy--you made the day for my girls with their surprises!


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Rachel said...

I've been following your progress reports, what a journey. It sounds like you are learning alot and are taking it in stride. What a blessing God has given you in your special little girl. I'm very excited for you about your church and what all they have done for you. It definately is a "Pay It Forward" moment.