Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday, Carli Brooke!

Yesterday, our little girl turned a big 5! Is it even possible?

Since it's an important birthday, we had originally planned on having a huge birthday bash with all of her friends from school and church, but with my delivery date moved up three weeks, one week after her birthday, I certainly didn't feel like I could pull off a bash. Carli wanted to go back to Chuck E. Cheese anyway, so she didn't know the difference between me planning and executing a party or Chuck E! :) Maybe next year. So we just had a few of her friends and we had fun! I think I like that place just as much as she does! Olivia stays highly entertained, too. What fun.
Below: A little sunny. Ready to party.
Oliva enjoying a carousel.

No fear of Chuck E this year.

I saved one present for this party (I gave her her other ones at Glen's mom's on the 4th). This is what she'd asked for...a Cabbage Patch Boy.
Wish you could see Livy's face a little better. She had residual effects of bug bites on her forehead and eyes. On Sunday her eye was completely swelled closed. Guess she takes after her Granddad!
Carli used money from Grandma Cessna to buy a Polly Pocket. Glen's mom had gotten her one and she was thrilled. Then a friend got her the Princess Belle set, and the outfits work for both Belle and Polly Pocket. This morning she wanted me to take her picture with them this morning.

Only 5 full days left!


Anonymous said...

She sure looks like she is having fun. Two of our have birthday near each other and we do a summer bash for the both of them. I am a little worried that it is the wrong idea. Our third was born on Dec. 28th, so he will have to work around Christmas.

It looks like you are going to have a couple of kids with the same issue as two of mine.

Anonymous said...


At least they'll have fireworks for their birthday! :) We normally celebrate right around then.

Kirsten said...

The party looks like such fun ;)
I'll be praying for you and Maddie and everybody involved. I guess thats the best i can do while in Mississippi :D

Kelly said...

I love your pictures, Pam. Your girls are so beautiful. I'm praying for you and Glen, and I won't stop in the days ahead. We love you guys and are trusting God to hold your precious family close.

Nancy said...

I enjoyed all your pictures. A very happy birthday to little miss Carli! What a fun way to spend a birthday....I think we are going to do that for Lauren here in a couple weekd. I love the idea of not having the clean-up afterwards. You know, the koolaid and birthday cake on the carpet?!?!LOl! Anyway, I'll be watching your blog for Maddie's big day! Then it will be three little girls...what fun!