Thursday, July 8, 2010

Snow White, Meet Uncle Sam (and praise for Miss Nancy)

Most of you with children in the kids department at Kokomo First Church of the Nazarene know that Nancy Beaver (aka "Miss Nancy") is awesome. She teaches Olivia's 3s and 4s Sunday School class. I've had the privilege of helping her once a month during second service, and let me tell you, it's not a myth. She has pages and pages of notes for one class, and you can tell that she puts much prayer into the planning. She knows how kids think and work and she gets right on their level in bringing a story to life, instilling a love for God's Word, and finding ways to help them create. She teaches them respect for herself and others, to listen quietly and obey quickly.
Sunday was, of course, Independence Day, and one of the crafts for the day was this darling hat. She folded a gazillion newspapers during the week and brought stickers, feathers, foam stars and napkins (the flag folded over the edge) for the kids to decorate with.
And now to the other reason my kids love Miss Nancy. I was helping in Miss Nancy's class this Sunday, but Olivia wasn't in church due to a brief bout something or other. Miss Nancy insisted I take hats home for all three of my girls to assemble, along with coloring sheets and fruit roll-ups, too. They had alot of fun putting it all together.
We love you, Miss Nancy!
Olivia wearing her hat. She loves to dress up, so I guess she was doing double duty being Snow White and Uncle Sam! :)

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