Thursday, October 29, 2009

From clubbed to corrected, casts to braces

On Tuesday, September 15, we kissed these beautiful little feet good-bye for the last time. Technically, I suppose, Madeline Kate still has the same feet, but oh, what a difference surgery and six weeks in casts can make!

Waiting in the lobby for someone, anyone, to call her name! She was entertaining everybody.

Nurse Mike very carefully begins to cut through the bright pink casts.

Not so happy about having to be on her belly!

Peeling away the layers

Both feet unwrapped!

Compare the first picture to this one!!! See how straight?

The butterfly bandages are still on, complete with a lot of dried gunk.

See the pins? 6 total: 3 in each foot.

Wrapped after the pins are pulled out. That was a little weird. I can't imagine how stomach-turning it would have been to see them twist them in during surgery.
All ready to go see Ahmed! She's playing "So Big!"
Ahmed makes moldings of each leg so that he can make braces withing two days. This was a slight change in plans. Dr. Didelot had originally said that she would have a second set of casts for two to three weeks. If Ahmed wouldn't have been willing to speed up the process of making the braces, that definitely would have been the case.

Finished molds

On our way to pick up the braces!

Waiting with Carli (Olivia used to wear the outfit that Maddy is wearing. Carli's tights still fit, so I found another outfit that would go with them.)

Finished product. I was disappointed not to have any solid colors to pick from. Everything was print, and not a lot of choices at that. I tried to pick something with small print that wouldn't be too obnoxiously clashing with everything. This was the best I could do. They are very cute, but won't go with a whole lot. I think I'll have to practice ignoring that issue! I wish I would have thought of that BEFORE I wore brown and purple striped tights on her though, since I took lots of pictures! :) I was very pleased, though, to discover that they didn't go clear to her knees like I thought they would. Aren't they adorable?

Since she doesn't need to wear shoes yet, Ahmed made them with extra padding and a little bigger than necessary so that she'll have some growing room.


Scrapingirl said...

She looks great!!!SHe'll be up and raring to go in no time. :) God bless.

Lori said...

Now that is watching a present unwrapped! You told the story so well. We didn't have clubbed feet, but we had Oh so many pairs of AFO's. Embrace the prints and get whatever you desire if she has to keep getting new ones when she grows. They are a fashion statement. I always used to say that if Megan was going to draw attention from everyone, she might as well be as beautiful as I can make her look.

We used to dress our girls alike too. They loved it too.

Lisa said...

Wow! I admit that I also loved her precious little feet before they were "fixed" but she looks SO big and grown up with them all straight. I love the pic of her with her arms in the air. She looks like she's saying "Free at last! It's about time, mom!"
Give her a squeeze from auntie.

Esther said...

Can't believe how big she's getting! Can't wait to give her cuddles at Christmas time. Give her some lovin's and "congrats on the new feet" from Aunt Esey!

Carla said...

That is so great! Love to keep up with you all. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Melodie said...

O BEAUTIFUL feet!! (And actually Pam, those braces don't look bad at all! Her tights were so cute we forgot about the prints!) Msddy Kate you look like you have grown so much since you were at Granny's a couple of weeks ago!