Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Momentarily disturbing.

I was a little disturbed to find that Carli spelled "stepmom" on the tub wall, with foam letters....at least until I found out they were playing Cinderella. Whew, it's a relief to know that she wasn't rooting for one! :)

Thanks to Linda Kokinda for two more cool sites for teachers/parents/kids: abcteach and SoftSchools. I like mixing it up for Carli instead of the same things day in and day out, and these can help with the endless reviews.

Off to get the kids out of the tub, quick clean up of the girls' room and schoolroom, fold laundry, start Maddy's feed and breathing treatments .......................................... Why are there still lists of things to do at almost 9??? I think instead of To Do lists, we should make things of all the many things we accomplish through the day...then we would see our fantastic amounts of hard work and pat ourselves on the back instead of thinking "but I didn't get it all done....." Sound like a plan?

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