Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You weren't kidding!

I've had several people tell me that while a Beka is a very challenging curriculum, it starts off nice and slow at the beginning of the school year, for review. You weren't kidding. I'm going through the first few lessons, making sure I understand what's going on when, and arithmetic is ridiculous! The first lesson of first grade is counting to five. Seriously??? Don't kiddos learn that at, say, 2?? Oh, well...I see by the end of the year we'll be adding three-digit numbers to three-digit numbers, learning Roman numerals and fractions, so I suppose it all evens out! :)


We're in Merrillville, IN, near Chicago. Glen is doing a candidate evaluation meeting, while the girls and I hang in the (very nice) motel. They are going a little stir crazy, though, waiting anxiously for Daddy to come back and take them swimming! I'm enjoying looking at all the curriculum. The other workbooks were delivered today at home, and Lisa B. picked them up for me so they wouldn't get too soaking wet! Can't wait to lay my hands on those!


Tammy said...

I am a huge fan of both homeschooling and aBeka! Good for you!

Wow! That does start off slowly! But follow your gut...if its too easy, don't spend a lot of time on it...or even skip it. (That is if you only have to answer for days or hours spent homeschooling...that's how PA was when I home schooled). You will likely find that the extra time you glean can be used in another subject or to let Carli explore a topic a little more in depth. That's the beauty of homeschooling!

Three digit numbers in 1st grade though! Great! I taught 2nd grade special ed. last year and we were lucky if the second graders could do that at the end of the year!

Bottom line, all textbooks are set up in quartes (roughly). The first quarter is review, the middle two quarters...errr, core material for that grade level, and the last quarter is "padding" to go into the next grade with. Most schools never finish a textbook.

Anyway, this year i am teaching kindergarten through 3rd grade learning support. Thus, I have to learn what they need to learn in each grade level. If you need anything like tips or suggestions or have any questions, please feel free to send me a message. I may be a special ed. teacher, but I work with a lot of kiddos who do not have learning disabilities as well.

Be blessed! (I must say i am a little jealous! I used to love it when our textbooks came when I was homeschooled!)

Esther said...

PJ, You knew you'd get a comment from me didn't you? I was one of the ones that warned you it starts out slow! Also told you that 1st grade repeats quite a bit of Kindergarten (repetition = well learned?).

As you know I did Kindergarten last year with Makayla, and I wondered why we were learning about the numbers 1 - 10 individually and slowly! As mentioned before, it does get harder after while!

Tammy had it right, look at the end product not the beginning! Adding 3-digit numbers by the end is pretty good for a 1st grader. I would also add that if you look at older kids that have been in ABEKA for years now, and examine their education level --I think you'd be happy with it.

Actually I like the slow beginning, we use it as an opportunity to get ahead. The days that have easy lessons we are able to do double lessons. Trust me there will be days when you want to take off later, and if you are ahead it won't matter if you do. Also, you may hit a snag sometime (something that it takes Carli longer to "get" - though that's doubtful as smart as she is!)--if you have to slow down and take several days learning it you won't get "behind" if you're already ahead.

Another thought --- consider all the other subjects that you'll be teaching -- be thankful some are super easy!

BTW Got my books yesterday, can't wait to start now! Wish we were a little closer and could at least do field trips together! Oh, well it's fun to have you on board the homeschool boat this year!
Love ya -- Happy Homeschooling!

Mark Hoch said...

I am here also Pam. I will be glad to help if needed. I have no knowledge of this program as I have been in public education all of my life, but I can try to help you. Believe me adding 3 digit numbers is nothing, when you hit 3rd grade and in our state they have to do metric measurement, multiplication to 12's and equivalents, and conversions. They are really pushing kids harder and harder. However, I must say that I LOVE TEACHING, no matter what!!!! I love my kids and the rewards that I get from seeing the difference that I am making in their lives, and just showing them I care!