Thursday, August 13, 2009

The story of my life, my day. As in today, not just any old day.

Besides taking care of kiddos:

1) Quick pick up.
2) Empty nursery/playroom/schoolroom into the hall, master bedroom, kids' bedroom, living room and kitchen. Very neatly. For the most part.
3) Kids completely destroy house as they discover forgotten toys as I drag all the stuff from the aforementioned room.
4) Lovely therapy session for Maddy with Erynn.
5) Wasted $23 of paint when I opened my van "trunk" and the first can of paint toppled out and pretty much went "splat" on the driveway.
6) Did not waste time crying.
7) Wanted to.
8) Got three old towels and mopped up as much paint as possible.
9) Shoved the mess into a trash room.
10) Kept hoping the neighbors weren't laughing at me.
11) Next door neighbor came home and only said "hi".
12) While I was blushing furiously.
13) Hosed down the driveway.
14) Hoped that the few remaining stubborn splatters wouldn't look too....redneck.
15) Went to Lowes to buy more paint.
16) Tried to keep my rowdies from spilling lots more paint all over Lowes.
17) It wouldn't have surprised me if they would have.
18) Answered "yes" to at least a dozen queries from middle child about whether or not I had a paint brush.
19) Bribed children to a zillion different ways to stay out of the room so I could paint.
20) Loved the color.
21) Worried about the color.
22) Hated the color.
23) Just about cried when I painted over the names Daddy had written on the wall when the older girls were born.
24) Is the orange really a school bus yellow.
25) Yuck.
26) Carli, PLEASE don't come in this room one more time.
27) I said GO.
28) Butterflies and names still showing through.
29) Was I supposed to paint the edges first or the wall first?
30) Wish I could ask Dad.
32) Jordan is ignoring his sister's desperate plea for help.
33) Oh, good, Mom knows something about painting.
34) I'm doing it right....whew.
35) Really hating the color.
36) Back is spasming (is that a word?).
37) DONE!!
38) I never want to paint again.
39) 1/2 hour getting paint off of me so that Dr. Cain won't think I'm too trashy when I take Maddy into Indy at 9:30...this morning. Oh, boy.
40) Next time I'm hiring Melanie.
41) LOVE the color.
42) Oh, no one cathed Maddy???
43) Blog.
44) Did a tornado come through my house???
45) I really got it all done today?????????????
46) Yeah me!
47) How long will it take me to put everything back?
48) Not tonight!
49) zzzzzz


Esther said...

Three posts in three days! Wow! You'll be addicted soon (smile).
Seriously, you have us all curious as to what it looks like (that's a hint for a picture - smile).

Katie said...

This made me laugh over and over. Ah, I love you Pam! This made me think of our day spent painting Carlis room and the floor... oh heavens! my desktop is a picture of me and the girls, every time I see it I miss you guys. <3

Anonymous said...

Oh PJ, I love you! What a delightful post -- at your expense -- in more ways than one!! You are your mother's daughter when you second guess yourself about the color! But you know I would probably never tackle painting a whole room by myself -- in one day no less! You would have heard me whining from here to there!! Hope you got some sleep, your back is feeling better (Momentum works great but it might make you sleepy-er), and glad you have lots of pictures of Daddy's name painting. He hadn't done Maddy's yet had he? What sweet memories!

Anonymous said...

Love this!! You go girl!!!
~Susan K.