Sunday, August 16, 2009

How 'bout some pictures, people??

So I was just looking at how long it's been since I posted a picture catch-up. I've gotten pics up through March, and then Carli's b-day in July, but nothing in between. So I'll start on the April/May ones.

First, here is a prime example why I quit using the apnea monitor. It was rarely alarming, and if it did, it was only one beep and then done! The home monitor patches caused such alarming break-outs, and it would break my heart. She would just dig and dig at it, and nothing I tried worked to clear it up permanently, since I had to put the monitor back on at night. This must have been right after getting home from the hospital in March because she has three patches on her belly from the hospital leads, though they aren't as bad. You can see her multiple IV marks, too. Anyway, Dr. Akanli ordered a pulse oximeter for me to spot check her oxygen levels, and that is so much nicer. For one thing, the apnea monitor only went off when her oxygen levels got very low and she stopped breathing momentarily. The pulse ox alarms before it gets that low.

I love her studious look here.

When Madeline was first learning to wave.


Enough of the headband!


Shirley said...

Loved your latest pictures. God has blessed you with a special angel....and you're doing a wonderful job fulfilling the daily tasks.

Enjoyed talking with your Mom for a few minutes at Stoneboro.....but not sure how 'comfortable' she feels being at her first campmeeting without your Dad. Breaks my heart....if only we could change things for her. But, your Dad is enjoying Heaven's bliss.

Love you, and I pray that God gives you Divine wisdom as you add home-schooling to your other many chores.


Esther said...

What sweet pictures of a beautiful little girl!

Theresa said...

She's a sweetie =]

Kirsten said...

Looking at these pictures, i can't believe how much she has grown the last couple months!