Thursday, July 14, 2011

You're 3, Madeline!

This is the day

we celebrate your birth,

the moment
you graced us with your presence.


Wrapped around our hearts.

And we're ever thankful.

Hugs and Kisses,



Sarah said...

Tears of joy are rolling down my face. Look at that big girl sit so straight and tall!! Happy Birthday Madeline!!! Much love to you always!

Diana said...

What a beautiful example of God's love and care. She is a sweetie!!

Pamela said...

Precious pictures. Happy Birthday, sweet Madeline!

Shore Girl said...

Aww - she looks so "grown up." Happy Birthday sweet Madeline!

Fern Kishbaugh said...

Wow! She is so beautiful! I wish I could be there to hug and kiss on her. And the rest of you too!!! Sure do miss you all, you've been on my mind alot this past couple of weeks, so I pray when that happens. Maybe some day we can actually visit again. SO many things have changed in the 2+ years we haven't talked. Much love to the birthday girl and her family!

Anonymous said...

O Maddy Kate,you are so very precious! Your sweet, happy ways make life with you a joy! Love you lots and lots, Granny