Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Birthday celebrations

A week ago Sunday we celebrated Madeline Kate's third (!) birthday with cake and a few presents. First, though, I wanted desperately to get a picture of Madeline in her new dress from Granny, and wouldn't you know it, Gramma took Maddy's little jacket off before I can snap it. So imagine a cut little pink and black jacket. It was sweet! As you can see Madeline is signing cup...Sunday dinner wasn't quite ready, but she definitely was.
This year Madeline was very into opening her presents. Carli was the only one she'd let help her, but even then she was a bit territorial!

She sees her magnetic doll set and lunges with a smile!

Couldn't resist, but she's away and won't see this for a while, probably! :)

This picture of Glen and Madeline will tell you just about everything you need to know about how Daddy feels about his girls.
She must have liked the cake...she has her hands ready to "thank Jesus for the food!"
Love this sweet dress I found on major clearance at TJ Maxx. I figured out at Easter that I could save myself a lot of money if I would buy flower stems 50% off at a Hobby Lobby sale, add ribbon to an alligator clip and hot glue it to the back of the destemmed flower! So this one cost me $1.50 rather than $6! :)


Shore Girl said...

Wow - can't believe little Maddie is 3 years old already!
Love the pics and the flower -- Emmie told you were into making them of late. I do something similar only I use them as accessories to my wardrobe (which you know if you follow my blog!).

Anonymous said...

Love getting to be in on the celebration through the pictures! Maddy Kate, Granny loves you -- such a sweet 3 yr. old you are!!