Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spraker Farm

While Mommy and Daddy made phone calls last night on the behalf of Marlin Stutzman's campaign for US Senate, Scott, Stephanie & Samantha Spraker kept our girls at their farm to play with the animals. When Stephanie volunteered, the girls talked of nothing else, knowing there was a brand new little lamb that surely needed their tender loving care (or whatever you'd call it when you almost literally smother the poor little thing with love). Carli was thrilled that she was given the honor (real or imagined--I'm not sure if it was in fun or in earnest) of naming four lambs.

The black lamb is a couple weeks old,
and Carli helped feed it.
When asked, about the experience,
she kept saying, "Wow, Mom. Just wow."
She also said that when telling me about a mouse she spotted.

This adorable little lamb is only
a few days old.

I knew the girls had a ton of fun when I went to pick them up and they didn't want to leave. Besides playing with (read: torturing) the animals, they played with Barbies and Polly Pockets, made homemade playdough, ate spaghetti, and made dessert.

And there was a little left-over dessert for Mama! I'm not sure exactly what it was...some sort of sweet bread with lots of yummy cinnamon and sugar on it. Anyway, Carli told me about it on the way home. "The marshmallow was Jesus, and the the roll was the tune. And you put Jesus in the tune, and put it in the oven, and when you take it out of the oven, Jesus is gone! He's not in the tune anymore."

Ah, now I get it! "Do you mean tomb, Carli?"
Thank you so much, Scott, Stephanie, and Samantha, for entertaining our little girls. Thanks to the twins, Ashley and Abigail, for helping us with calls (actually they've helped quite a few times, making hundreds of calls--maybe thousands. Go Marlin!), and for Madeline for keeping the smiles coming from her chair, while gnawing on a pizza crust!

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