Monday, April 19, 2010

More Christmas Pictures, Anyone??

I know, I know. It's April and you are sick of seeing my very late pictures. But I have to get them up so that I have them semi-organized when I want to look at them three years from now.

Steve and Marcia Carnes are some of the sweetest people on God's green earth. They've rather adopted us into their family, and we love them to pieces.

We enjoyed a beautiful meal with Steve and Marcia, as well as Joyce and Lowell Ayers and their son, Scott. Marcia and Joyce both have a heart for young mothers and while they are not my official mentors, I have benefited so much from observing their love for God and people, for homemaking....and cooking! :)

Carli and Olivia are in love with "Scottie," a talented musician and an all-around awesome guy. He played endlessly with them, let them trounce him in air hockey, ride on his back, chase him around the house. He even helped decorate the gingerbread house that Marcia made for the girls.

As our evening was wrapping up, we followed Steve and Marcia over to a house a few miles away, decorated to the nines for Christmas.

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