Monday, March 22, 2010

4-month-old pictures--Thanksgiving

So I finally uploaded a whole bunch of pictures, and I hope to get some of them blogged in the next few days (weeks? months?). We celebrated Thanksgiving at my lovely cousin Melanie's lovely new home. Grandma and Granddad, Mom, Aunt Pam and Uncle RB, and Emily were all there, so with kids there was a grand total of 16.

Great Granddad got lots of cuddle time in with Madeline Kate

My beautiful and crazy cousin Emily

Too many cooks in the kitchen makes a yummy Thanksgiving Feast

Kid's place setting

Place setting. Each candle had our name and a verse on it.
Beautiful table. I wish I would have remembered to take a picture before we started to load on the food. The centerpieces Melanie made were gorgeous.

Granny and Maddy love each other a bushel and a peck


Shore Girl said...

I love your picture posts! Always nice to see pics of my family so far away!! Now I need a snuggle from Maddy - guess it'll have to wait till???

Lori said...

"...and a great big hug around the neck!"

My grandparents used to sing me that song! What a great memory you brought me today.

Emeline A. said...

hey, I think that your girls had way toooo much fun doing cookies with their daddy!! And it's about time that you get some knew pits. of your adorable kiddos!! JK:) Well ttyl!
luv your, sis.-in-law