Monday, July 20, 2009

Madeline's Birthday Party

Although dearest Alyssa had to work on Friday night, Jed was a good sport and came over to Maddy's little party for her first birthday. He even captured a few highlights on his dvd camera, edited and put it together for your enjoyment. (Let's here it for Jed!) And since my camera is on the blink, LISA* let me use her camera to take pics. I'm hoping that by my excessive hinting here, she may just drop her millions of things that she's doing for her lovely family and send me some of the pics so I can satisfy my waiting audience.

So without further ado. I present to you: Maddy's BDay, by Jedidiah Hutchison.

[Ok, for some reason, it's not letting me embed this to the post, so just click on the link!]

*I have to put LISA Bryant's name in caps like I did when speaking of Lisa Sommers on FB, or else I'll never hear the end of it. Both LISAs are very special friends. Now do I know what side my bread is buttered on or what!


Theresa said...

That was great! Happy Birthday to Maddy =] hard to believe it's been a year.

She was a rock star at her party :]

Theresa said...

I left a comment after yours on my blog but figured I'd better post it here too as I'm not quite sure how blogger works yet and not sure if you would see it there LOL!

Pam, I am planning on starting the workboxes when we start school back up (tentatively Aug 3rd or 10th). We'll use them everyday. I'll fill them up with all they need to get done for the each night. I have an idea in my head how they will work for us but I don't really know ;) I plan on updating our progress and how it's going once we start.

Esther said...

So hard to believe little Maddy is one already! Such a SWEET baby girl! Hugs and Kisses from Aunt Esey!