Friday, July 24, 2009

A Big PTL* Moment

*Praise the Lord

We heard from Madeline's pulmonologist today with results for the sweat chloride test done on Tuesday. WITHIN NORMAL RANGE. No more testing for cystic fibrosis necessary. I really think God helped me not to worry too much about it, hoping that it was just a routine. I had looked up the test, though, just so I could tell Dr. Tuchscherer (family doctor) what test they were running, and when I saw the possible indicators of CF, I felt an "uh-oh," big time. Feeding issues and respiratory insufficiency were common issues with CF. At any rate, no need to worry! God is good.

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Lisa said...

I just read this. I'm SO glad. Maddy did not need one more thing on her plate. And neither did Mommy!
Love you!