Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dear Olivia Grace!

Our spunky and percocious little girl just turned 3 years old today! It hardly seems possible. I can't believe it, but I can actually say I got her potty trained before she was three! I never would have believed it a month ago.

Enjoy the trip down (my) memory lane! Happy Birthday, Livy. I love you so much and I'm tinkled pink to have you as my little girl.

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Donnie and Donna said...

Love your pictures. You'll always treasure the pictures you have of your Dad and the kids. I wish we had more of father in law. We have one picture of him on Easter Sunday with Ann, and then he died with a massive heart attack on Tuesday. I have it blown up and hung on my wall. It's really cute of both of them.

Happy birthday to the little birthday girl.

Ann talks about her "papa" like she can see him sometimes. Just makes you wonder if they do, or they are in an imaginary world. I guess we'll never know. Our little ones are little angels. Keep your chin up!! Love ya bunches!