Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I know some of you may not like pictures like this one, and I am usually one that doesn't, but I love this picture of the oldest grandchildren at the funeral home. They started out all holding hands in a somber line right in front of the casket. Jordan overheard Carli telling the littler ones that Granddad had a new body now and this was just the old body.

Here is a snippet of another conversation I heard during our stay and Mom's:

Carli: I wish Granddad was here. It will be forever, but we'll see him sometime. First he got sick, and then he died, and then he went straight to heaven.

Brianna: First he had a heart attack.

Carli: Ok. First he had a heart attack, then he died, and then he went straight to heaven. We just have to be really strong for Granddad.

Almost every time she prays, Carli says, "Help Granddad to be safe in Heaven, and help Granny not to be sad that he's in Heaven with Jesus."

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Anonymous said...

That picture is darling of the granddaughters..but certainly made my heart ache for all of you this first holiday without hubby, daddy and grand-dad. So happy that little Madeline is doing so well after surgery. (Love, Shirley D.)