Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Autumn!

Posting pictures is more exciting now than watching the election.

These pictures are random from the last month, and they mostly speak for themselves.

So we went to the zoo on an absolutely beautiful day, hoping for some really beautiful pics. Since Carli is so into taking pictures these days, I let her have the camera. This is the last one she took before she dropped it over the edge of the seal display, down in the ditch in an inch of water. The zookeeper rescued it for us. We got no more pictures, but we only had to replace the battery. Ah, well. I love taking the girls to the zoo because every time, things are different, and they never tire of it. This time we laughed ourselves silly watching the baboons fight over their little ones. And one of the kangaroos had a joey in her pouch, a first for the kids (maybe me too).

We took the kids trick-or-treating to a few neighbors before heading over to the Fall Festival. My royal princess wouldn't look at me for a picture.

I ended up taking off Carli's headband later in the evening. I actually thought the headband made her look more like a hippie rather than an Indian.
Yep, I dressed up! I was a mommy. :) I wasn't planning on a costume for Maddy, but Lisa B. brought me a pumpkin blanket for her, so I wrapped her in that for a while. Better than nothing! I wish I would have taken pics of friends of mine. They were spaghetti and meatballs. Brent was a box of spaghetti, their little girl Callie was a meatball, and Lyndsi was Preggo, very adorable since she's pregnant.
Look at those eyes!!! Looking a little strange.
Adorable, candy in the teeth and all.
After hearing the plan of action for Maddy's foot surgery (at one year), I realized that I've grown to love her little feet, weird angles and all. They're so tiny and adorable! So I snapped several pics. The second one, is with Carli's hands and is my favorite.

I got my wrap! Carli wanted to try it.

Sacked out in the Bumbo seat. Guess she decided to use her head wrap as a eye mask.

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danaeyoung said...

Enjoying your pics! Carli is somethin' all else! The pics of Maddy's feet are so precious and adorable!