Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All settled in

We are settled in our room now for the night, and Dr. Young thinks we should be out of here by tomorrow morning, hopefully bright and early! The surgery revealed a clogged catheter causing the problem. They were able to go into the same incision as the first shunt placement surgery, and as a mommy who wants as few scars as possible on her baby, that made me really happy. Of course, it looks just like it did in the beginning...bummer, since the scar was virtually invisible already.

So we're heading for some FOOD, since Maddy is sleeping soundly. What is it about sitting in a hospital that makes me ravenous???

We may go to Kentucky afterall tomorrow or Friday. But first, Mom is being such a hero to us by fixing us a Thanksgiving meal so that we don't miss out on the food aspect of the holiday. :) But we have much to be thankful for: the surgery went well, no unexpected problems, Mom being here, and just as importantly, we have definite signs of what to look for if this ever happens again (the most obvious ones being very firm fontanelle, very prominant scalp veins, and "sunset" eyes). She looks so much more normal and I'm so excited.

Thanks for your prayers.


Mrs. Deb. Blowers said...

Pam, thanks for keeping us updated. You ALL are in our prayers. Give your Mom our love. Trust you Thanksgiving is a time of reflection and thanks. God is so good! Maddy is in our daily prayers. We love you all.

Mrs. Debbie Blowers

Carla said...

So glad to hear that all went well. Praise the Lord! Tell you mom "Hi" for us. We continue to think of you and pray for you. Our 6 year old son has requested prayer for you all at church several times. He heard one of us doing so, he says"pray for the Satterfields". May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!