Friday, February 1, 2008

Pajama day, field trip and Baby Koen

Hi, again! This post has been building for a while. Crazy busy with a sick kid (Carli) and finishing up a Macroeconomics course--still a few days to go. I have my writing done for the paper, but I have to put our team's paper in APA format, read two more chapters in my book (have you ever tried to stay awake reading economics?), complete the chapter problems, complete class discussion posts and team questions, and take my final. So consider this quick post a treat!! :)

Last Thursday was Carli's favorite preschool day yet--Pajama Day! You would have thought she was a grown woman for as many times as she changed her mind on what to wear. She was especially tickled that her's kinda matched Mrs. Wilson's--purple with snowmen!

The following pictures are of Carli's fieldtrip to Firestation #1. She was especially impressed with five firemen sliding down the pole.

(Before we left the classroom for the fieldtrip, they were going through their morning routine with their opening song, prayer, calendar, weather, etc, but that morning's little helper wasn't there. So they were drawing names, and Mrs. Wilson drew Carli's name to help determine the weather. She held it up to show what name it was, asking whose it was, and Carli bounded out of her seat, and said "It's mine!" The parent beside me said, "It's too bad she's so shy. Maybe she'll grow out of it," totally tounge-in-cheek, of course. They all think she's adorable, and their boys do too! :) )

Today we had the special treat of babysitting a 22-day-old baby boy, Koen. His mom is a single parent and called the church two weeks ago, in desperate need of help. She had to go back to school (nursing, I think) one week after the baby was born and was desperate for help, as the daycare assistence program doesn't take newborns until 6-8 weeks. Our children's pastor, Kraig, emailed our SS class to see if there was anyone who could help the girl. Another lady and I both volunteered. April is keeping the baby mostly, and I'm filling in when needed. Today was our first day! He's so dear, and his mother really caring and sweet and I think she really loves her kids and takes care of them well. I did nothing this morning but take care of the little bundle. I could hardly put him down! The girls absolutely loved him, and I had to work to keep them out of his face. I definitely could see the difference in Carli and Olivia's personalities with the baby. Carli thought he was cute and wanted to feed him, but when I let Olivia "hold" him, she would rock him back and forth and coo and shush him like a little mama.

Here's some pictures: please excuse my straggly kids...I hadn't dressed and combed them by 8 when Koen arrived!

Yesterday, I think I felt the baby move. And Olivia said "Goodnight, Car-ee." And Carli looked at something in the kitchen and said, "That says 'apple,' doesn't it?" She is learning so much. I'm always amazed at the creative things her teacher comes up with.

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