Thursday, February 14, 2008

Long Post....coming soon! In other words, not today!

I just couldn't resist taking a minute to tell you all about a new book I'm hearing talked about. I have it a request in for it at the library. It's called, Does this clutter make my butt look big?

Background. One of my favorite people to watch in action is Peter Walsh, a professional organizer. What I love about Peter (besides his lovely accent) is that instead of just making a clean sweep of the clutter, he really gets to the heart of the issue of clutter. One thing I just heard him say was that even when our clutter is neatly organized, so many of us just have SO MUCH STUFF!!! We save things that have sentimental value, but it's not in a treasured spot. Rather it's packed away or in piles and definitely not looking treasured. Or we save because "we might need it some day." His newest book Does this clutter make my butt look big? connects our clutter to our fat! Ouch! He said in a cluttered home, there is absolutely no way to make healthy choices, either emotionally, physically or spiritually when you live in clutter.

Clutter, even organized (in other words, way more stuff than you need and use regularly), points to a deeper issue, namely that we're trying to feel a hole. Hmmm. Maybe he should be a preacher. Funny how Christians (and I'm preaching to myself here, too) can take the moral high ground because we're not alcoholics, drug addicts, or hooked on cigarettes. But somehow it's ok to be addicted to food or to having so much stuff.

My house is pretty organized right now (I didn't say garage!), except for a stray drawer or cupboard here or there. But Glen and I both are excited for a few weeks from now when we basically have to pack the whole house so our carpet can be laid, because we're going to declutter even more. And shopping in the future? Do I really need another book because it looks interesting and it's only 10 cents? Do I really need yet another CD even though it's on clearance at Half Price for $1??? At some point it's just ridiculous--And addicting. How freeing to just let it go!

Ok, enough. I didn't mean to drag that out so long.

Long post coming soon to tell you about our trip!


Lori said...

I totally can relate with the clutter issue! I've come a long way and an still working on keeping everything organized. I love watching all the home improvement shows, I get so many ideas from them, esp. since the professionals like Peter know so much more than I do. I find that with 2 kids I have a harder time with the organization thing, it's a constant work in progress around here! Might have to check that book out, thanks for the info!

sarah said...

I have GOT to get my hands on that book! My house rarely looks clean. I love Peater Welsh though, he's got so many amazing ideas (and the accent, ahh, gotta love that!).

My wrist is a lot better, stll sore. But I can live with this. I am able to sew and I am pretty sure I can change a diaper now, so I'm happy. I don't think I'll have to go in for an xray either. So, this baby can feel free to come on out anyday now! After all, I AM 7 days over due, it seems to be it's a good time. hehe
God bless!