Thursday, October 28, 2010

Am I the only one?

I seriously need your feedback on the following question:

Am I the only homeschool mom that occasionally has to take the day off just to catch up on housework after a bizarre week? I hate to not appear perfect here (heehee) but I seriously couldn't take it one more moment. I knew I'd never have time to get done what needs done if we didn't take off. Kokomo is on fall break anyway, but we had decided not to take off since we didn't count all of our vacation as educational.

Still to go:
  • the rest of the dishes
  • mop the kitchen floor
  • laundry
  • kids' room
  • finally finish sorting through the fall/winter clothes and...
  • get those boxes out of the house
  • possibly make cookies for the campaign bus
  • go to a campaign rally
  • exercise
  • transcribe a sermon due back tomorrow
  • figure out the rest of school this week...

A mother's work and all that, but I have three Excedrin in me now to cover pain from wisdom tooth extraction on Tuesday, so I have lots of caffeine energy! :)


Jennifer said...

No, you are most definitely NOT the only one that needs catch-up days. Homeschooling well often leaves other, less-important things undone. Taking catch-up days is actually suggested in the excellent book, "Homeschooling at the Speed of Life" by Marilyn Rockett. Keep up the good work!

Lainie said...

Definitely not the only one... in fact we have taken this whole week off for a sanity break/clutter removal/"reclaim my home from homeschool!"

Sorry about your tooth :(
No fun...

Theresa said...

not the only one! :)

Jane's In The Jungle said...

Oh no girl, you are not the only one....and when they get older, around here they get "reading day" so I can get caught up!

And my daughter had the exact same gown at 2 yrs that your daughter has on in the previous post....small world....